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#106 Taxes In Divorce With Karen And Catherine Of My Divorce Solution

Author: Olivia Dodd
Date: Mar 11 2024

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About Karen and Catherine:


Karen Chellew is Co-founder of My Divorce Solution. With over 30 years of legal experience, Karen serves clients as a legal liaison – the central link that assures divorces are professionally executed as efficiently as possible. Karen is also a certified QDRO Administrator, Founder and President of Sisters U Foundation, advisory council of Support Pay, and an Auditor of East Rockhill Township.

As a divorced mom of three, Karen knows what it’s like to navigate the dark waters of divorce alone and in the dark. Karen cofounded My Divorce Solution as the company she wished had existed in her divorce. She’s committed to helping families navigate divorce differently – with financial clarity – not fear – driving decisions and compromise.


Catherine Shanahan is Co-founder of My Divorce Solution. With over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, Catherines serves clients as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and trained mediator. A Professional Daily Money Manager, Catherine is also a former VP of the Bucks County Collaborative Law Group, American Association of Daily Money Managers, Institute of Women Business Financial Analysts (IDFA), National Association of Women Business Owners, advisory council of Support Pay, and the Association of Divorce Financial Planners.

As a mom of five and financial expert, Catherine’s experience with divorce left her wishing for better information, resources, and process for the financial separation that comes with divorce. As a result, Catherine co-founded My Divorce Solution – the company she needed in her divorce.


Notable Quotes

  • Because based on our personal and professional experience, we realize that preparation is key. And Heather, you will probably vouch for that a thousand times over, right? When you have a prepared client, you can do so much more, they can do so much more, and their divorce can be processed more easily, more effectively, and more clearly, Karen Chellew


  • And when they realize that it doesn't matter that it has your husband's name on it, that it's still considered a marital asset. It's like a, it's like a light bulb is being turned on because they just have been so conditioned to believe that because it's in, not in their name and they stayed home to take care of their children, they're not entitled to it. So that little bit of confidence when you get that financial knowledge, it's like a little seed, right? And it starts to grow, Catherine Shanahan


  • Women, we're all just so hard on ourselves. It's incredible. So some of our early conversations are just remember to give yourself a lot of grace like every day. Just give yourself a ton of grace. This is hard. This is not easy, Karen Chellew


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