Four Ways to Move Past Your Divorce

Four Ways to Move Past Your Divorce

Four Ways To Move Past Yo

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Four Ways To Move Past Your Divorce

Author: FWLG
Date: Feb 20 2015

Four Ways to Move Past Your Divorce

Divorce can be extremely challenging, no two ways about it. At times it can feel like it’s almost impossible to move on. Many people spend their lives embittered or sad about their lost marriages, but you don’t have to let your divorce cast a shadow over the rest of your life! Here are four ways to transition into a healthy new life, full of possibility.

Let go. Maybe you’re spending your waking hours going over the terrible things your husband did. You rehash old arguments over and over again. You take stock of everything that happened, and there’s no doubt that it’s all your spouse’s fault. The thing is, though, the fact that you’re obsessing about the bad behavior of your spouse isn’t hurting him a bit and is keeping you emotionally tied to a relationship that’s over. Moving on means letting go of bitterness, obsessing, and scorekeeping.

Don’t hide. It’s hard to get outside when you’re in pain, but it certainly does help. Learning something new and completely unassociated with your ex is especially helpful. Always wanted to take up rock climbing? This is the perfect time. If you gave up salsa dancing because you got married, it might be fun to get out your dancing shoes again and get some friends to join you. It’s sometimes hard to socialize after having been hurt, but reaching out to friends now will be a significant step toward healing and moving on.

Take care of yourself. Talk to someone if you need to. Don’t hesitate to hire a therapist if it would help. Even the basic things—eating well, sleeping well, exercising, etc.— can be surprisingly hard when you’re not feeling good, but it can really pay rewards. Long hot baths pay rewards too!

Do things with your kids. If you have kids, they’re going through their own period of transition, and it’s not easy for them either. This is an excellent time to start a new family project. Redecorating the kids’ rooms or planning a garden will be fun for everyone, provide you with an opportunity to spend time together, and give you all a sense of accomplishment.

Finding a happy ending after divorce can be challenging, especially when you never thought that you’d find yourself in this situation. But you have a choice to make… do you want to spend your life in regret, looking back into the past and thinking about what could have been or what should have been? Or… do you want to move forward into an exciting new world full of endless possibility?

If you’re thinking about divorcing your husband, we understand how overwhelmed you probably feel. Please contact us today if you’d like to discuss your options! You can reach us by phone at (904) 567-9883.