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He Wants A Divorce

Author: FWLG
Date: Mar 23 2018

Being told by your spouse that he wants a divorce can have you running the entire gamut of emotions and responses, from feeling completely blindsided to utterly unsurprised. Whatever the case, these are not situations that are generally easy to cope with. From the uncertainty of property and assets that you’ve accumulated since you got married to the custody of your children, the news that your husband wants a divorce is a psychological shockwave that requires thought as well as action to recuperate from.


When your spouse asks you for a divorce, your gut reaction may be to feel powerless in the situation. The time, effort and emotion put into building a shared life with someone has been reduced to a document filed in a courthouse to determine how to best equitibally redistribute it to the both of you. When the initial shock of the situation wears off, and you look at yourself in the mirror, you shouldn’t feel powerless — you should empowered.


If he is abandoning the relationship you’ve built together, then it wasn’t a relationship you could count on in the long run anyway. The opportunity to find the life you deserve now lies before you, without the hindrance of an unsupportive or uncommitted partner to keep you from truly reaching the heights you aspire to achieve as a strong and committed woman.


One of the strengths of the Quick Law Group is that we are tough litigators with over 40 years combined experience fighting for women to achieve a better, more fulfilling future. Having a strong, experienced team on your side that not only understands your situation, but is willing to fight for you as well, is one of the keys to successfully navigating the uncertainties of divorce.


If you have questions about what to do when your husband wants a divorce, contact us to set up a consultation to discuss what your next move is and how we can work together to get you through your divorce feeling resolute and empowered, ready to face the future with confidence.


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