Meet Julie Rountree: Attorney and Divorce Coach



Julie Rountree supports women through this difficult time and helps them plan for their post-divorce lives

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Meet Julie Rountree: Attorney And Divorce Coach

Author: Staff
Date: May 15 2023

Meet Julie Rountree: Attorney And Divorce CoachDivorce is not just a legal process, it’s a highly emotional one as well. As an Attorney and Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach, Julie Rountree supports women through this difficult time and helps them plan for their post-divorce lives. Her skills play a pivotal role in helping our clients prepare for the divorce process and get the best possible outcomes. Julie meets with Florida Women’s Law Group clients for their initial consultation, and may continue to work with her during the divorce process for additional support. 

Julie’s  experience in Family Law, her compassionate nature and understanding of the emotional complexities surrounding divorce are extremely helpful. “These are real people going through real problems and facing one of the most traumatic times in their lives. And for most, it’s probably the first time they're stepping foot in an attorney's office,” Julie explained.

When our clients come to Julie, they may feel stuck in their divorce story, overwhelmed and unfocused. Together, they spend time to figure out what our client’s goals are and focus on what their post-divorce lives are going to look like. 

“I love to watch them sort of untangle their minds and become clear-thinking, become logical - and not just survive their divorce but really thrive at the end of it, when the divorce attorneys are out of the picture and the judges are out of the picture.” - Julie Rountree, Of Counsel Attorney and Divorce Coach, Florida Women’s Law Group

“The first thing I want them to know when they walk through the door is, they're going to be OK,” stated Julie. At Florida Women’s Law Group (FWLG), we want our clients to have reasonable expectations of the legal system, and the likely timeline. When they’re prepared on the timing and issues that may arise, they're better able to process events as they happen, and know that we're here to support them.

Julie has 15 years of experience as a Family Law attorney, coach and mentor. She has been helping FWLG clients since 2013, when she first joined the firm. Julie brings a wealth of knowledge from her educational background, which includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology from the University of Florida, a law degree from Stetson University and additional certification as a Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach. With her expertise in the field of law and her compassionate coaching abilities, Julie provides FWLG clients with much-needed support during times of distress and difficulty.

At FWLG, we go so far beyond litigation in supporting our clients. We provide them with a roadmap to get where they want to be. We understand that there’s more than a legal component in a divorce. Contact us for the support you need. 

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