A Little Organization: It Goes a Long Way

Moving can be such a pain, but it’s also a chance to reorganize. My family recently moved, and we’ve been working through our belongings, deciding what needs to stay and what needs to go. Though it takes a lot of energy, I love this process because I like to be organized. Different facets of my life all vie for my attention, and this helps me ... CONTINUE READING

Trending Raincoat Styles for 2021

As April showers arrive, how do you stay dry when dashing from place to place? Luckily, wearing a raincoat doesn’t mean looking like Paddington Bear anymore. Here are several raincoat styles you’ll love so much you’ll be praying for rain. ... CONTINUE READING

Feline Friends or Canine Comrades

As people grow older, they’re more likely to find themselves at home with less company. If your family members live far away or you have physical limitations that make it difficult to leave the house, you may be at an increased risk of experiencing loneliness. This is why adopting an animal can be so helpful. Pets offer comfort and love, and ... CONTINUE READING

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