Heather’s Oldest Goes to College

You might remember from a few months ago that my oldest daughter, Lily, recently graduated from high school. Since then, the big day every parent dreads — move-in day at college — has come and . ... CONTINUE READING

Meet Personal Trainer Caroline Jenney

Caroline became interested in fitness during her senior year of college when her boyfriend broke up with her. “I thought if I get into great shape, he’d want me back. That thought sickens me today, but it was the best lesson I could have had, for it began my journey in fitness. I started by becoming an avid runner, and then as a mother of four and 20 years later, I decided to hire a personal trainer when my youngest went to kindergarten. I wanted to become more knowledgeable about strength training. I asked to be hired on once my trainer announced he was starting. ... CONTINUE READING

Cooking Sustainably 101

Waste not, want not! It is the optimal motto to live by. However, food waste happens to all of us. That bag of lettuce you bought last week sat untouched in your fridge and has gone mushy and bad — into the trash it goes. Reducing your “foodprint” is just one of many ways each of us can make a difference when it comes to reducing our impact on the  ... CONTINUE READING

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