Heather Reflects on ‘Divorce Month’

A bad marriage tends to be unhappy year-round, but divorce follows a seasonal schedule. In recent years, January has come to be known as Divorce Month. It’s a grim moniker, but it carries some truth: More people file for divorce in January than in any other month ... CONTINUE READING

Meet Jacksonville Humane Society CEO Denise Deisler!

Denise Deisler found her way to the Jacksonville Humane Society almost by accident. She started her career in the Air Force; after 10 years of service, she returned to school before securing a job at the United Way. During her time there, a friend approached her about working for a local humane society ... CONTINUE READING

Get Migraine Relief by Monitoring These 5 Foods

If you regularly fall victim to migraines, you likely know that stress, lack of sleep, certain smells, genetics, and visual stimuli cause pounding headaches that send your body into utter disarray. But did you know that the foods you eat can also be the culprit? Triggers, such as certain foods, can affect your gray matter, the area in your brain that houses motor and sensory function, taste, hearing, vision, and memory. Adjusting your eating habits may help to find you some relief ... CONTINUE READING

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