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Out With The Old, In With The New: Decluttering After The Busy Holiday Season

Author: Staff
Date: Dec 27 2022

After the flurry of Christmas celebrations, you often find yourself entering a reflective state as you take stock of all that has happened and plan for what lies ahead. Such moments can quickly be replaced by feelings of panic at the sight of a home littered with empty boxes and bows; new gifts and their wrappings strewn about; and decorations seemingly occupying every available space. In these moments it can be overwhelming to contemplate reorganizing and decluttering, but it’s actually a great time to do so. 


Tip #1 Start With The Trash

To get started on decluttering your home, begin with the trash – it can be surprising how much of a mess is made up of discarded items. Have a look through every room in your house for anything that needs throwing away, and don't forget about any holiday debris such as ribbon and gift bags! Once you've finished tidying up, make sure to dispose of all the trash in your bin. Additionally, sorting out recyclables is a great way for everyone to do their part for our planet!


Tip#2 Put Items Back Where They Belong

Take a moment to look around and identify items that ought to be put away in their designated places. A little tip: use a laundry basket to gather and easily hold miscellaneous objects. Walking around your home will help you put them in their rightful place – clothes can find solace in the closet or laundry room, toys tucked safely into kids' rooms and dishes properly stored until it's time to load up the dishwasher. 


Tip# 3 Do A 10-Minute Declutter

Short on time? 10 minute decluttering is the perfect way to clean up after a holiday period. Gather your items and set a timer for just ten minutes – you'll be surprised what can get done in such little time! The beauty of this method lies in its simplicity, allowing you to focus on purging possessions with few emotional connections quickly and effectively.

The focus with this method is really on creating room in your space for all the new goodies you've received! If kitchen items were gifted, start there—if office gifts came your way this season, direct those efforts toward tidying up that area first. Of course, don't forget about any clothing presents either. Set a 10-minute timer and shift things around in your closet so they can fit with ease. Keep balance in mind as well: As much as is coming into view be sure to let go of what's no longer necessary too!


Tip#4 Decluttering Can Help Teach You Important Life Lessons

After years of filling the home with too much, you’ll finally come to appreciate the positive aspects of decluttering. Not only does it help make room for new memories and experiences — a process that will become increasingly therapeutic for you in more ways than one– but learning how to let go is an invaluable lesson on releasing things that no longer serve you. Although challenging at first, stepping out of this emotional attachment helps turn your space into what it should be: A serene haven rather than a storage unit!


Tip #5 Make It a Family Affair

After the holiday season, why not challenge your family to a decluttering mission? Engage everyone in tidying up those areas of clutter and help instill some important values along the way. Have your children select which items they would like to part with by donating them to young ones who need toys—teaching them principles of responsibility while making room for new gifts!


After the holiday season, getting back to normal can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, with just a few easy and practical steps, you'll have a clean, fresh start to the new year!

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