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Parental Rights & Responsibilities in Florida

For women, there is no question whether or not a child is theirs. For men, however, it is not always that clear and it can be very important when it comes to divorce cases or custody matters. If you and your partner were not married at the time your children were born, and there was no “Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity” form in place, would-be fathers may be denied custody or visitation rights for their children. Likewise, if paternity was not previously established an alleged father may be removed from the responsibility of child support payments and other duties.

At Florida Women’s Law Group, we have seen a wide variety of these cases, ranging from those wishing to prove paternity to those wishing to refute it. You can rest assured that our Jacksonville paternity attorneys can help you no matter what your paternity issues may be.

We Can Help You Establish Paternity

With over 38 years of combined experience, our firm has worked with divorcing couples, partners who were never married, and even on behalf of children who require guardianship or other means of support.

  • Prepare and submit all the necessary paperwork
  • Request any court-ordered tests to identify the father of the child
  • Gather documents and other evidence to validate paternity
  • Represent you inside the courtroom

In all situations, our Jacksonville paternity lawyers respect the privacy of those involved and work to ensure that rights established under the law are fully recognized and, if necessary, enforced. We are also committed to protecting your children’s rights in matters concerning health insurance, inheritance, citizenship, and other benefits to which they may be entitled.

Child Custody

One of the most exciting times in a mother’s life is the moment she finds out she is going to be a mom. As women, we immediately become attached to our children, even when they are the size of a sesame seed. You are so in tune with your children, their needs and emotions.

The most difficult moment a mother can face is having to establish paternity in order to obtain a child custody agreement. In these cases, the easiest way to establish paternity is through a court ordered legal process that includes a blood DNA test.

Once paternity is established, the parents will create a parenting plan. The parenting plan is a document that directs how parents will care of the children. It outlines time sharing, responsibilities and decision making for the children.

These cases are incredibly delicate and emotional. Our dedicated team of paternity attorneys provide compassionate legal service during your time of need. We are here for you now, throughout the process and once paternity has been established. We have the experience, resources, and skills required to provide you with empathetic and compassionate legal service.

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