Rebounding from Divorce: Five Steps Toward a Healthy New Life



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Rebounding From Divorce: Five Steps Toward A Healthy New Life

Author: FWLG
Date: Jan 12 2015

Going through a divorce can be a painful and difficult process. When the divorce is ultimately finalized, many women feel a strong sense of relief, but that doesn’t always last. Unfortunately, the end of the divorce process is all too often just the beginning of a time of confusion, difficulty, and loneliness. That does not have to be the case, however. Today we are going to cover five steps that we hope will help you successfully rebound from divorce so you can begin putting your life back together right away.

1.Enjoy the “Me Time”

While it may seem unfamiliar at first, make sure you enjoy your “me time” after your divorce. Remember, you don’t need to immediately start finding dates, or scheduling “girl’s nights” every day for months in advance. While these things can be good, it can also be very nice to catch up on reading or even go on a trip by yourself. This will give you the opportunity to really get in touch with yourself and start to rebuild the solid foundation that was likely shaken during the divorce – or that was repressed during your marriage.

2.Acknowledge the Emotions

Keep in mind that it is normal and healthy to go through a wide range of different emotions after your divorce is finalized. This will last for weeks or even months. Some days you will feel a strong sense of relief. Others it may be regret. The reality is, you will likely work through nearly every emotion you can imagine, and that is ok. If you try to suppress these feelings, you’ll just delay the process.

3.See a Counselor

Some people think that seeing a therapist or counselor is a sign of weakness or that it shouldn’t be necessary. The fact is, however, that these professionals are trained specifically to help you through this process in as healthy a way as possible. Even if you only meet with them a few times, it can be a very helpful experience.

4.Splurge a Little

Once the divorce is finalized you will be making all the decisions on your own for the first time in quite a while. Don’t be afraid to splurge a little bit and have some fun. Go on a vacation, buy something you’ve always wanted, or even just spend a day at the spa! This is a great way to test the waters of your new found freedom.

5.Move at Your Own Pace

After your divorce some people will tell you that you should “get back on the horse” and start dating as soon as you can. Others will tell you to wait a while. The fact is, neither answer is necessarily correct for you. You can wait as much or as little time as you want before looking for romance again. Don’t let others pressure you into something that is not healthy for you.

If you’re facing divorce, we understand how overwhelmed you may feel. If you’d like some help making sense of your options and creating a plan for your future, please contact us today!

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