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#103 Surviving Narcissistic Abuse In Divorce With Nina Batista

Author: Olivia Dodd
Date: Feb 19 2024

Guest Bio


Nina Batista is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience working with individuals, families and groups battling a variety of life challenges such as addiction, mood disorders, trauma, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, self-esteem struggles and behavioral concerns. Not only has she helped clients who struggle with the disease of addiction or those who engage in reoccurring maladaptive behaviors, but also assisted the loved ones who have been impacted by it. Nina earned her undergrad in psychology at Northeastern and completed her last year online at Capella University while studying abroad in the UK. She received her Masters of Social Work at Florida Atlantic University. She believes that clients require an intimate and comfortable space that feels safe in order for healing and growth to occur. Her goal is to assist clients in identifying barriers that are hindering their wellbeing and growth and help them in developing a sense of self-worth that allows them to thrive.

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Notable Quotes

  • "Just because someone's a jerk doesn't mean they're a narcissist. They have to meet the criteria in the DSM 5."


  • "The covert narcissist is something that not many people talk about, and they're harder to identify because they come across as insecure."



  • "Instead of lashing out, they also have this passive rage, and I call it the silent rage, right? Like, I almost wish my partner would lash out at me."


  • "Coercive control in  layman's terms is essentially stripping somebody of their autonomy."




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