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Benefits Working Female Attorney

Author: FWLG
Date: Mar 09 2018

According to the American Bar Association, female attorneys make up approximately 36% of all lawyers currently practicing in the United States, a number that has continued to rise over the last decade. Additionally, from a recent report on the general counsel for the Fortune 500 companies, women make up approximately 25% of corporate legal teams. Numbers like these show that women are a growing influence in courtrooms across the country.Women have faced scrutiny across many professions throughout the years. From assembly line workers to Supreme Court justices, to astronauts and doctors, the glass ceiling has always been there. It is no different in the legal profession. Women in law are constantly challenged to achieve more than most of their male counterparts, and that means only those with the most resolve and hardest work ethic make it beyond just passing the bar exam. If you have a female litigator in your corner, you can trust that you have a tenacious professional who knows what it takes to get the job done.

Another strength of having a woman leading the charge for you in family law matters is the ability to properly understand and communicate with another woman. All too often, things get lost in translation due to an inability to understand the situation that you are experiencing because a male attorney can’t empathize with your plight. Having another woman to talk to and count on to fully understand what it means to be a mom or a wife can make the communication process easier which saves time and money.

We are the only family law group run by women, for women in the entire United States, so when we say we know how to help women in need, we mean it. You can count on the Quick Law Group to represent you in any family law matter with the experience and connection you can trust.

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