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Best Home Trends In 2022

Author: Staff
Date: Nov 30 2022

fwlg"Interiors are the visual soul of a house." 

Interior design trends are aesthetic aids in our pursuit of finding inner peace. While some look forward to creating Instagram-worthy looks, others want to create serene places. While popular interior design trends like Feng Shui continue to be a favorite, Interior design trends of 2022 are an excellent combination of timeless classics holding firm, a few oldies making a remarkable comeback, and a few refreshing and newer concepts too.

Here are the top 5 trends for a home in 2022:

1. Browns for the Win

Welcoming and warm, brown is a versatile shade that blends well with almost any theme or concept. Since it is an earthy shade, you can play with many shades and brown undertones. Also, with pastels being one of the most popular interior design trends, caramel and chocolate are the hottest shades of brown this season.

2. Flexible Spaces

After the pandemic, flexible spaces and multifunctional rooms emerged as a popular interior design trend. With their creative juices flowing out, interior designers are trying to explore the depths of various spaces by inculcating multiple uses of spaces in one's home.
It's not just a living cum dining room in an apartment anymore. Today, we have Flexi-home options like- bars within kitchens, home offices within living rooms, study areas within bedrooms, and more. Now, any room in your home can be utilized for multiple uses.

3. Smart Homes

Another concept popularized by the pandemic, smart homes today are an indispensable trend. A smart home has the operations of all of your gadgets and appliances (televisions, music systems, air conditioners, water heaters, etc.) all in your smartphone. Just tap your phone's screen, and you can operate them as you want. With people inclining towards smart living and easy access to technical help assistants such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Home, life is getting easier!! Give voice instruction, and the task will be done for you.

4. 3D art

Bringing a three-dimensional twist to a flat wall, the implementation of 3D art is the hottest trend in 2022. The concept is fascinating as it adds intrigue to a uniform surface. In addition, the piece can be viewed from all sides and angles, creating a unique element within your home.

5. Upraised Outdoor Furniture

Home trends in 2022 are not only limited to the interiors. People have become mindful of outdoor spaces to escape the confines and find peace in the outdoor environment. Porches, balconies, verandahs, patios, etc., are now being elevated to a new level with a variety of furniture, external paint textures, outdoor tiles, and so much more. 

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