Catheline Georges: An Attorney With a Passion for Helping Women

Catheline is a powerhouse attorney


Helping Women Become Whole Agai

Catheline George is a true force to be reckoned with
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Catheline Georges: An Attorney With A Passion For Helping Women

Author: Staff
Date: Feb 06 2023

When you are considering divorce, you need an advocate, who will support you and stand up to abusers and bullies. And you need someone in your corner who has the experience and knowledge to get you the best possible outcome in court. You need Catheline Georges. Catheline (aka Cat) is a powerhouse attorney, who tackles an array of Family Law cases, from divorce and alimony to paternity, contempt and enforcement. Two years ago, she joined Florida Women's Law Group with one main goal: helping women through critical legal transitions.

Catheline George is a true force to be reckoned with. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Communications from the University of North Florida. She went on to earn her Juris Doctor from Southern University Law Center. She brings a legal background in the areas of estate planning and bankruptcy to her practice as a Family Law attorney at FWLG. 

“I didn't choose Family Law, Family Law chose me. Women often go into divorce lacking confidence and self-esteem. It’s my mission to build them up and help them stand on their feet again.” — Catheline Georges, Attorney, FWLG.

Catheline Georges takes great honor in being an advocate for women in need, guiding them through confusing and overwhelming legal matters with care and understanding. She gets to witness extraordinary transformations firsthand: of women from feeling powerless and lost to becoming confident survivors, who take back control of their lives. For her, nothing is more rewarding.

Helping Women Become Whole Again

Catheline believes that many of the lawyers today have allowed money to become more important than advocating for their clients. By contrast, a client-first approach is what she says separates FWLG from other law firms. Catheline and the entire team at FWLG, are dedicated to helping women reach their fullest potential. They help women break free from abusive or restrictive relationships —and build whole, happy lives they can look forward to after leaving the courtroom. And the relationship doesn’t end there. Once their case is settled, she refers them to the professional resources they need to navigate any emotional or financial obstacles they may encounter. 

Outside of the courtroom, spending quality time with her family and friends is how Catheline unwinds. Every chance she gets, she makes sure to be out and about to have fun and hear some good music. 

Catheline has a proven track record of success, and she is dedicated to helping her clients get the best possible outcomes in their cases. Contact her today for strong, effective representation in your family law case.

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