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Did You Know- We Have A Podcast And Radio Show!

Author: Olivia Dodd
Date: Dec 15 2023

"Women Winning Divorce" is a radio show and podcast hosted by Heather Quick, CEO and Owner of Florida Women's Law Group. Each week we focus on different aspects of family law to help guide women through the difficult and emotional legal challenges they are facing. Heather brings over 20 years of legal experience that aids in advocating for and empowering women to achieve happier and healthier lives. Join Heather and her guests each week as she discusses family law issues including divorce, custody, alimony, paternity, narcissism, mediation and more.


Why a podcast/radio show?


Simply put, we saw an opportunity to educate our existing, future, and past clients via their own legal team and on their own time! Each week, we explore the intersection of family law with many different industries and experts like therapists, divorce coaches, other family law attorneys, parenting experts, and more.


To listen to the show on most major streaming platforms, click here, or listen every Tuesday at 6:30 PM on WSOS, 103.9


If you have questions, a guest you’d like to be featured, or a topic you would like Heather to cover, email us at  marketing@4womenlaw.com


If you or someone you know is going through divorce or is thinking about a divorce, of course reach out to us at 904-241-0012 or request an appointment here! 


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