Time Sharing

Being a mom is the most amazing and rewarding job you will ever have. As a mom, you are protective of your children, you want to keep them safe and nurture their growth. As women and mothers, we understand this better than anyone. We understand how you are feeling as you are facing divorce. We understand the emotions you are feeling about the future. Which is why we are here for you today, throughout this process and long after your divorce is finalized.

In a divorce the time sharing agreement refers to the custody arrangement that the court will issue. This can be an equal time sharing agreement or majority/minority time sharing agreement. In the time sharing agreement, a judge may order one parent control over specific aspects of the children’s welfare.

Some factors that a judge will consider before deciding about time sharing include:

  • Responsibility given to each parent
  • Parental adaptability
  • Current living situation
  • Any prior domestic violence
  • Parental health
  • Special Needs

Divorces are complicated and emotional especially when it comes to time sharing and parenting plans. You need an ally. We have the experience, resources, and skills required to provide you with empathetic and compassionate legal service.

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