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Ellen’s passion is helping women in need

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Ellen Ball, Experienced Family Law Attorney

Author: Staff
Date: Mar 05 2023

Ellen’s passion is helping women in need. Her dedication to family law and her litigation skills make her a top-pick for women when they are looking for legal counsel. With an impressive eight years as an attorney and a law degree from Florida Coastal School of Law, she provides strategic advice, guidance and legal counsel on everything from divorce to alimony, timesharing, relocation issues and property division - including retirement accounts. Ellen gets great satisfaction from helping women navigate the legal complexities of divorce and rise up to reclaim their lives.

Ellen chose family law out of a desire to help women in difficult situations.  Pouring her heart and soul into this work, she enjoys problem-solving for her clients as they endure the end of a marriage, and the emotional and legal issues that come with it. Dedicated to helping women escape emotionally and physically abusive relationships, she makes sure that they get the resources and assistance they need, before, during and after divorce. 

Ellen loves being an attorney with Florida Women’s Law Group (FWLG). You don't just get one lawyer when you hire FWLG, it's a team effort! All of the firm’s attorneys strategize on each case, so their clients benefit from all of their collective experience. The entire FWLG team is ready and able to help women in need. In Ellen’s opinion, what sets FWLG apart from the competition is their focus on helping people rather than focusing on money. When you go to FWLG with an issue or concern, they won't rest until you feel fully supported. 

“We're here to help you get what you want and what you need, and help you to move forward.” Ellen Ball, Attorney at Law, Florida Women’s Law Group

Ellen has been living happily with her husband of eight years. Two adorable children and a puppy complete their  family. And when sports season starts, you'll find them out there rooting for their favorite teams, from the professional level, right down to local, youth leagues. They love going to any kind of games - football, basketball, baseball and soccer.

Attorney Ellen Ball is the perfect fit for your family law needs. With her experience and caring, you can trust that she'll advocate for your needs and rights. Contact her today.

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