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Enforcement – Divorce In Jacksonville

Author: FWLG
Date: Jun 21 2017

Our Jacksonville Divorce Lawyers Can Help Uphold Orders

One of the most common concerns we hear when it comes to divorce and family legal matters is whether or not spouses or partners will uphold their end of various agreements. You may wonder what happens if your ex-spouse does not make alimony or child support payments. You may also be worried about your custody agreement being followed. The case may also be that you are unable to fulfill certain responsibilities because of a change in your finances or health. In all of these situations and others like them, an experienced family law firm like Florida Women’s Law Group is one of your best resources for pursuing or avoiding enforcement issues.

Ways to Enforce Your Divorce Agreements

In most states, failure to pay child support or alimony carries steep penalties such as garnished wages, interest charges, fines, or even jail time. Similarly, not abiding by custody agreements can be viewed as dangerous or even criminal as would be the case with kidnapping or improper relocation.

  • File a motion for civil contempt of court
  • Seek criminal non-support charges
  • Pursue collection procedures

If the divorce ended amicably, you may also opt to talk with your former spouse on the reason for the defiance in your court agreements. Whatever step you wish to take, our Jacksonville divorce lawyers have the knowledge and experience to make sure all persons involved in your case are doing their best to act in accordance with the terms of your divorce or other family law agreements, or to find suitable new arrangements through modification orders to original decrees.

Our Jacksonville divorce attorneys have over 38 years of combined experience to help you uphold your divorce agreements.
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