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Meet Elizabeth Krajewski, Legal Administrator, Operations Director, And MUCH More! 

Author: Olivia Dodd
Date: Nov 29 2023


In her capacity as Legal Administrator and Operations Director at Florida Women’s Law Group, Elizabeth Krajewski adeptly manages the daily operations of the firm. This includes overseeing human resources, financial analysis and reporting, and strategic operations planning. Fondly referred to as the "chaos coordinator" by her colleagues, she collaborates closely with attorneys and staff to refine and enhance the firm's operational processes. While holding a JD, she has chosen a unique path, leveraging her legal expertise in roles focused on operations and public policy research/advocacy rather than practicing as an attorney.

Client and Team Interaction

Elizabeth’s interactions span both clients and team members. Directly engaging with attorneys and staff, she plays a pivotal role in continuously improving the firm's processes. While her direct involvement with clients is typically limited, she steps in seamlessly when needed, ensuring a smooth experience. Drawing from her diverse background in law and education, she excels in coaching and empowering her team.

Passion for Family Law

Working within the realm of family law resonates deeply with her. What she finds most gratifying is the opportunity to assist women and families as they navigate the intricate landscape of divorce and transition into a new chapter in their lives.

Valuable Insights on Divorce

She emphasizes the importance of patience in divorce proceedings. Acknowledging the protracted nature of the process and the potential intensification of issues, she highlights the need for understanding and resilience in this challenging space we call family law. Patience, she believes, is key—whether dealing with the process, the involved parties, or oneself.


Diverse Interests

Outside the professional sphere, Elizabeth and her husband Steve have a toddler named Theodore and fur baby, Figgie Smalls.


In the elusive realm of "free time," she continues to amaze us! As the Founding Chair of the Jacksonville University Public Policy Alumni Network, she leads events and fundraising initiatives for graduate-level public policy students and alumni. To mitigate the chaos, Elizabeth practices yoga, loves audiobooks, or can be found by the pool reading.


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