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A Child of Divorce

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Meet Shea Peterson, Committed Family Law Attorney

Author: Staff
Date: Jul 02 2023

Meet Shea Peterson, Committed Family Law AttorneyMany of us have had experiences that shape our lives. There were two important influences in  Shea Peterson’s life that shaped her unwavering commitment to practicing family law. The first was a challenging childhood, impacted by divorce. The second was an invaluable experience gained at her law school's pro bono, family-law clinic.

A Child of Divorce

“My parents divorced when I was just three years old. Nobody was really able to speak up for me, Shea explained. “When I was 18, I watched my dad go through a second divorce. These experiences really cemented my passion for wanting to help people through some of the toughest times of their lives. At Florida Women's Law Group (FWLG), I have the satisfaction of doing that every single day.”

Pro Bono Law Clinic Work

The pro bono clinic that Shea was a part of during law school provided legal help to low-income families, making a positive impact on their lives. Under the supervision of a licensed attorney, Shea not only gained hands-on experience in the real-world practice of family law, but also served the community by helping those in need.

“ Being a person that  women can lean on during their difficult times is what makes me enjoy family law. One big thing that I want women to know is that there is help and support available if you ask for it. A lot of the women I see don't always realize how much assistance is out there.”- Shea Peterson, Associate Attorney, FWLG

A Perfect Fit for FWLG

A graduate of Florida Coastal School of Law, Shea has been practicing law for nearly five years. 
She has been an Associate Attorney at Florida Women’s Law Group since March 2023. 
She loves the atmosphere at FWLG, including: the collaboration, brainstorming, holistic approach, unique culture of care, the behind-the-scenes assistance from the attorneys and support staff, and the open-door policy.

The Personal Side of Life

Shea and her husband, who have been happily married for seven and a half years,  are expecting their first child in July. They love the outdoors and are avid sports fans. Abby, their beloved black labrador, holds a special place in their hearts. 

With professionals like Shea by your side, you don’t have to navigate difficult life events alone. To receive the assistance you need, get in touch with FWLG, the law firm exclusively for women going through trying times.

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