Prenuptial Agreements Are For Women Too, Why Don't They Initiate It More Often

18th November 2020


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Prenuptial Agreements Are For Women Too, Why Don’t They Initiate It More Often

Author: FWLG
Date: Jan 25 2019

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Prenuptial Agreements Are For Women Too

When you think about a prenuptial agreement, you may think about the stereotypical situation in which an older, wealthy man marries a much younger woman. However, prenups have lost much of the stigma that many people associated with the legal agreements.

Marital agreements are no longer considered a wealthy man’s way of protecting his assets. Wealthy women use prenuptial agreements to protect their assets too. Unfortunately, women do not initiate the discussion and push for an agreement as often as men. Why?

Women Don’t Want to Assume The Marriage Will End

While no one wants to think about their partner leaving, women can have a more romantic and happily-ever-after attitude toward marriage than some men. For that reason, some women may not want to consider a prenuptial agreement because they are often seen as a blueprint for divorce. If you insist on a prenup, you are admitting the marriage will not last forever and you are “planning” the divorce before you finish planning the wedding ceremony.

We need to change our attitudes toward prenups. Prenups allow couples to have a serious conversation about finances and their attitudes toward money. Finances are one of the most common causes of marital arguments. Prenups are not just about assets. Couples need to discuss liabilities, children, retirement, and estate planning when they negotiate a prenuptial agreement.

Women May Not Think They Have Enough Assets to Justify a Prenup

The time when a man brought home the money has ended. Women earn as much, if not more than men. While a woman may not have accumulated substantial assets before marriage, ten to twenty years down the road, that may have changed. Prenuptial agreements will protect you now and in the future. Unfortunately, many of the old attitudes and stereotypes about men being the financial head of the family prevent women from initiating discussions about prenuptial agreements.

Women Believe Men Are Too Proud to Take Money from Them

Attitudes about female and male roles still impact many of the decisions we make. It can be difficult to imagine that the man you are in love with would ever want to sit around the house all day doing nothing but collecting alimony. However, many women are finding out that is exactly what their husband wants to do.

Many women find themselves in the position of being the one who pays spousal support. Spousal support laws do not favor one spouse over the other. If a woman can afford to pay support and the man needs financial support, the court may award alimony to the husband. A woman may find herself paying support so that her ex-husband can continue the lifestyle he was accustomed to during the marriage.

The Good News — Attitudes are Changing

More women are initiating discussions with their partners to negotiate prenuptial agreements. Women are self-sufficient and come into marriages with money and assets. They own businesses and have children from previous relationships. The value of prenups is becoming a point of discussion among friends and family members. Furthermore, many women already have lawyers on retainer that they consult for business and other matters. Those attorneys are also discussing the value and benefits of marital agreements.

If you are unsure how to begin a discussion about prenuptial agreements, call our office. We are happy to discuss prenups and how you can begin a healthy conversation with your partner. Women are closing the wage gap and breaking glass ceilings. Protect yourself and take control over what happens in the future instead of allowing the laws at the time of your divorce to dictate how property and finances are separated.

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