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Prenuptial Agreements June 15, 2017

Author: FWLG
Date: Jun 15 2017

Our Jacksonville Divorce Lawyers Can Protect Your Future

Although a central idea of marriage is to have a life-long committed relationship, there are many reasons why relationships end in divorce. Florida Women’s Law Group can carefully draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and help you protect valuable assets and property after divorce and avoid complications in the future.

A prenuptial or prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into by two people before they get married to each other. At Florida Women’s Law Group, we are seeing how prenuptial agreements are becoming more common with every marriage. These written contracts were once only used by wealthy individuals to protect their fortune in case of a divorce. Now, many couples who are getting married want a prenuptial agreement to protect their home and other assets.

Drafting Your Prenuptial Agreement

Getting married is stressful and exciting even without having to worry about a prenuptial agreement. It is better not to wait and to finalize your prenuptial agreement well in advance of the wedding.

  • We can discuss what you should include in your prenuptial agreement in the event of divorce, separation, or death.
  • We can prepare all the necessary paperwork for your prenuptial agreement.
  • We can guide you through the process so that you have nothing to worry about on your wedding day.
  • If you have been presented with a prenuptial agreement, we can help you understand what you have been asked to sign.
  • We can negotiate the terms of the contract for you and help you keep your relationship intact.

Our Jacksonville divorce attorneys are committed to helping you negotiate your prenuptial agreement to include your thoughts and preferences, while at the same time helping you to maintain a positive relationship with your spouse. No one wants a divorce, but in case it happens, having a prenuptial agreement can help you avoid a costly and lengthy divorce process.

We can start with your prenuptial agreement as soon as you call Florida Women’s Law Group at (904) 372-1583.

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