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Relocation – Divorce In Jacksonville

Date: Jun 21 2017

Helping You Keep Your Family Connected

Child custody and relocation cases can be complex matters. Moves of more than 50 miles from a current address may involve changes to almost all aspects of the original agreement, including visitation, time-sharing, and even child support. Things become even more complicated if one parent is moving out of Florida since the case will involve the laws of more than one state. If you or your spouse is considering a move, or if one or both of you are already in the process of moving, The Florida Women’s Law Group can help avoid unplanned and unwanted consequences.

Protecting Your Children’s Best Interests

Many people are unaware that such as seemingly simple decisions like moving can impact future custody and visitation rights, or may even cause problems for your children’s schooling and sense of security. We can help you orchestrate your move through the proper legal channels from the beginning so that custody and other issues have been correctly addressed.

On the other hand, if your former spouse is planning to move your children, we can help you fight against the move or re-examine the terms of your custody arrangement so that your children continue to experience the benefits of having two parents involved in their lives.

  • Permission documentation from ex-spouse or family court
    Filing of Notice of Intent to Relocate
  • Proposals for new arrangements to non-custodial parents’ access
  • Visitation agreements
  • Time-sharing rights
  • Filing objections to relocation or new custody arrangements
    Representation in court should hearings become necessary
    Guidance regarding laws and procedures outside the state of Florida
  • Filing emergency motions for children moved without consent
  • Hiring and supervision of private investigators to locate ex-spouse or children

You can rest assured that we are committed to providing you with every legal assistance that you may need to protect your children’s best interests during a complex relocation case.

Consult with our Jacksonville relocation lawyers when you call us at
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