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Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

Author: Florida Women's Law Group
Date: Apr 30 2021

Signs Your Husband is Cheating

Do you have a feeling in the pit of your stomach that something isn’t quite right with your husband?  Have you seen some changes in his behavior that have you questioning whether there is another woman in his life?  Suspecting that your husband is cheating is an awful feeling that completely consumes your thoughts and actions.  You are likely experiencing anxiety, depression and questioning yourself. 

Infidelity is one of the top reasons that marriages end.  In fact, 15%-25% of all marriages experience some form of cheating.  No one thinks it can happen to them and most people do not intend to cheat on their spouse, yet it happens all the time.  If you suspect your spouse may be cheating, there are some signs you can look for that may indicate he is being unfaithful.  He may show some of these signs and be completely innocent but oftentimes, where there is smoke, there is fire.

  1. Secretive About Phone – If he has suddenly changed the password on his phone and other social media accounts that could be a sign that he is up to something. Other red flags include taking phone calls in other rooms, whispering when talking on phone, hanging up quickly when you walk in the room or not answering calls when you are with him.

  2. Work Routine Changes – Has his work hours or routine changed?  Is he working late or travelling more when he never has before?  Is he hard to reach when he is at work or he doesn’t return your calls when at work?  While this doesn’t necessarily mean he is cheating, if coupled with other out of the ordinary behaviors it could be cheating.

  3. Lies about Small Things – If he is lying to you about small things that do not really matter, what else is he lying about? Everyone tells little white lies or distorts the truth sometimes to avoid confrontation.  However, if you are noticing he is lying about little things when he never did before, he could be hiding a bigger secret.

  4. Change in Appearance – This one is as old as time, changes in his clothing, hair or increased attention to his physique could be a big red flag that he is trying to impress someone new. Of course, many people start putting effort into their diet or start exercising to improve their overall health, that alone isn’t a red flag but if there are other changes something may be going on.

  5. Unusual Purchases – Have you noticed unusual charges on your credit card? Is he taking out more cash than normally at the ATM?  Does he try to get the mail before you so you can’t see the credit card bills?  Red flag alert!!

  6. Change at Home – You may notice that he doesn’t pay as much attention to you or is uninterested in sex. On the flip side, he may have new tricks in bed or wants to try new things.  As soon as he gets home, he takes a shower or you smell a different perfume on him.  Does he tell you he is going to run errands and is gone far longer than necessary?  He may also be checked out when he is at home and seems uninterested in the family.

  7. Picks Fights or Accuses You of Cheating – He may be feeling guilty about what he is doing and will pick fights with you to help justify his behavior. It is also common that he accuses you of cheating to take the focus off himself.  Now you are on the defense and trying to explain yourself instead if accusing him.

  8. Overly Curious About Your Schedule – Does he need to know what you are doing every day and overly curious about your schedule? Is he encouraging you to do things without him or take trips alone?  Is he not attending family functions that he used to enjoy?  This could be ways for him to see the other woman.

  9. Changes in Friends and Family – You may notice that his friends or family are treating you differently. His friends may know what he is up to and when they see you they can’t help but feel guilty or the way they talk to you seems different.  Maybe you used to talk to his mom or sister all the time and now you have noticed a major shift in that relationship.  He may have confided in them and they are uncomfortable talking to you now.

  10. New Interests or Likes – Did you husband only listen to classic rock and now he has a new love for country music? Does he request Indian food when in the past he hated it?  He could be trying new things to impress the new woman.

Your husband may be displaying some of these behaviors and that doesn’t mean he is out there cheating on you.  Making changes in your life does not equal infidelity.  However, you know him and you know when he is acting differently.  If there is something there that you know is just not right and he is acting out in some of the ways we listed, he may be cheating.  Get your thoughts and emotions under control before confronting him.  You owe it to yourself and your marriage to talk to him about it.

Florida Women’s Law Group is here to help women like you get through divorce and come out the other side better in every way.  We strongly encourage our clients to seek therapy if they think their husband may be cheating or if he has admitted to being unfaithful.  It is a good idea to turn to a professional to help guide you through all the emotions you will experience.

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