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The Top Reasons For Divorce With Katherine Miller

Author: Jadelyn Fleischer
Date: Jan 30 2023

Notable Quotes from Katherine Miller

· 97% of divorces in New York settled before a judge makes a decision after a trial. Nationwide the statistic is 95%. That's huge... If you thought you had a 95% chance of winning the lottery, wouldn't you buy all the lottery tickets you possibly could.

· If you think about the process as a negotiation rather than a litigation and litigation being kind of like a negotiation tactic, then that's a way to think about how we're going to get to a result that works for people.

· I think taking the high road puts you in a stronger negotiation position than taking the low road.

· I want to be super, super clear that taking the high road means focusing on what's important to you. Not fighting for fighting's sake but fighting when it does matter. Or not fighting but sticking up for yourself on the things that matter and laying it down when it matters.

· I think that a lot of what we do have to do and face is helping our clients see the reality of the process.

· The point is to have these conversations so that you don't get divorced because of a difference in money mindset.


Guest Bio

Katherine Miller is a phenomenally well-rounded attorney, who has practiced collaborative family law for over 24 years. Katherine and her team dive deep into the emotional complexity of divorce and other family law disputes to help people find practical, appropriate solutions to divorce and separation, trusts and estates and small business disputes. Her specialties include collaborative divorce, divorce, mediation, collaborative law practice, mediation of estate and probate issues.


About Women Winning Divorce

"Women Winning Divorce" is a radio show and podcast hosted by Heather Quick: Attorney, Entrepreneur, Author and Founder of Florida Women’s Law Group, the only divorce firm for women, by women. Each week Heather sits down with innovative professionals and leaders who are focused on how you can be your best self, before, during or after divorce.

In these conversations, we are looking at how women can win at life. With our guests, we enjoy the opportunity to explore ways all women can win and enhance their life, no matter where they are in their journey, because divorce is just point in life, not the end and not what defines you, rather it can be a catalyst for growth.



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