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Three Things You Need To Do Once You Have Been Served

Author: FWLG
Date: Aug 10 2020

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I’m Heather Quick, owner of Florida Women’s Law Group and I’m here today to talk to you about what to do when your husband serves you with divorce papers.  These are the top three things you must do as soon as you are served.

What you need to do:

  1. Stay calm. I know this hard; you are mad and upset or part of you might be relieved and happy.  There will be a lot of emotions and if you act on them the wrong way it can really hurt you later.  Try and stay calm and take a deep breath and get your emotions under control.  Do not post anything on social media.  Do not pick up the phone and leave a nasty voicemail to your husband.  Keep it quiet within the family, do not call everyone in the family and talk about it.
  2. Check your bank balances and credit cards. If he has financially cut you off then that means that the divorce is going to go in a very different direction from the beginning.  You will have more issues to deal with having no access to funds.  You need to know where you stand.
  3. Call our office. At Florida Women’s Law Group we represent women just like you.  Once you are served there our time limits that have to be observed.  Do not ignore these papers or put your head in the sand.  Call us and let us guide you through this because this is what we do.  It is why we are here, to help you from where you are now in this confusion and emotional state and get you to a better future.

When I started Florida Women’s Law Group it was for women only, women just like you.  We want to provide you with a strong team to get you the results that you deserve.  Please call us at Florida Women’s Law Group 904-241-0012 and we can schedule a consultation to review your unique situation and provide you with the best possible solutions.  We are here for you to stand by you and get the best result possible.

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