Why Should You Get a Prenup?



Prenuptial agreements, or prenups, are contracts that a couple signs before marriage

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Why Should You Get A Prenup?

Author: Staff
Date: Feb 19 2023

A prenuptial agreement isn't just for the wealthy. Having a financial agreement in place before marriage is an essential step towards establishing trust, transparency and security. Having important financial conversations before you enter a marriage will help to safeguard your future so that no matter what happens down the line, both parties are taken care of.

Prenuptial agreements, or prenups, are contracts that a couple signs before marriage. They provide a great opportunity to have honest and important conversations about handling finances and assets. Prenups offer a chance to build a strong financial framework for their marriage before saying “I do.”

“There are many different beliefs surrounding finances that people don’t ever consider when they come into a marriage. They may have completely different outlooks on it. Part of the prenup process is having those conversations, which are better to have before getting married. It’s a wise thing to do.”  - Heather Quick, CEO, Owner, Attorney, Florida Women’s Law Group

In Florida, a prenup agreement can guide a couple in making key financial decisions, spelling out these important issues and others.

  • Distribution of assets and debts
  • Purchase and sale of property
  • Alimony

If there is no prenup, then a judge will decide these matters in the event of a divorce. A prenup  provides a couple the opportunity to make some of those decisions together, before they get married.  

It’s important for women to understand the legal and financial issues contained in prenups so they can protect themselves. You can do some of that research on your own, but your financial security is riding on it. Florida Women’s Law Group can provide astute legal guidance and draw up a prenup that protects your rights and property. 

Although no one wants to consider the possibility of divorce before they’re even married, the stark reality is that 50% of first marriages end in divorce. The statistics for second marriages are even worse, with 60% ending in divorce. Ironing out any significant issues with a prenup will help lessen the stress and complications of divorce proceedings. In Florida, having a prenuptial agreement, drawn up and negotiated by an experienced attorney, gives both parties peace of mind and protection against expensive court battles. 

Don't let the excitement of marriage cloud your judgment. Become informed on how to protect yourself and your assets, making sure that you are covered under any circumstances. Florida Women’s Law Group can provide strategic legal counsel and guidance, helping you develop a financial framework for a successful marriage Contact us.

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