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Women Winning Divorce: Episode #120 Is My Chronic Stress Caused By My Divorce? With Lisa McGregor

Author: Olivia Dodd
Date: Jun 17 2024

About Lisa

Lisa McGregor is a personal and health coach based out of Sacramento, California. Lisa has spent almost all of her career in the health and wellness space and has had an interesting divorce journey herself.

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Notable Quotes

Most health coaches, I should say, look into you as a whole person, not just looking at your symptom, but looking at the root of why that symptom is happening to begin with. 

Adrenal fatigue and chronic stress is, is brushed off as that's something that's not recognized. And it's very real. 

What if this is an opportunity to start all over again and build back even better? The emotion ends up becoming an emotion of empowerment of excitement.


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About Women Winning Divorce

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